What Parents Are Saying About Our Birthday Parties:

We decided to have a Karate Party for our son’s 4th Birthday party. We were looking for something that would be different than all the other birthday parties. Our son recently started at Karate Atlanta – Suwanee this summer and has enjoyed going to Tiny Tigers classes each week.

From the moment that the kids walked in the door they were all very excited, not knowing what to expect. As the Birthday Boy, Charlie got to be a Black Belt for the day and wear one of Mr. Lower’s Black Belts. He was also the assistant instructor for the class. Mr. Lower and his staff kept the kids entertained in the party with relays, running, jumping, kicking and punching. They were all having such a great time. After all the activities the kids lined up to hit a Piñata with the stick. After several attempts by the children and not successfully breaking it opened, we convinced Mr. Lower that he needed to kick the piñata open for the kids. One good kick and candy was everywhere. I think all the kids and parents were in AWE of the power.

When it was time for cake, Mr. Lower assisted Charlie with cutting the cake with his Samuria Sword. What a way to cut your birthday cake. He and his staff made sure that all the kids were around to enjoy the cutting of the cake and assisted Charlie with opening his presents.

As parents we were more than pleased with our selection to have Charlie’s birthday party at Karate Atlanta – Suwanee. They took care of all the details for us and making sure that each child was engaged in the party. Charlie and his friends are still talking about his Karate Birthday Party. The parents are too!

We highly recommend Karate Atlanta – Suwanee and Mr. Lower and his staff for your child’s next birthday party. Our son was able to show what he has learned from his Tiny Tigers class and the parents of the children were amazed at the manners and discipline that he displayed!

We have recently moved out of the Atlanta area and attending another ATA center. We have realized how AWESOME Karate Atlanta -Suwanee is. Mr. Lower and his staff have a gift for teaching children.

Mr. & Mrs. Randolph and Charlie!
Savannah, GA


Mr Lower,

I have to say my boy Isaac has loved so much his birthday parties at ATA that he had asked twice to have it there. The rest of my friends and family have absolutely loved it. They tell me this is the best party ever you get to enjoy watching your children having fun while you rest, eat and of course laugh at all the silly things they do. The cake part is my son’s favorite part. He starts getting all excited about the party days before just thinking about how he is going to cut the cake with the big sword. He and his brother have loved every minute of their parties at ATA. I know for sure next year we will have another birthday at ATA again just because they feel special while doing one of the things they loved the most Karate. Thanks again to Mr Lower and everyone who has helped make my boy birthday party one of a kind. We will never forget those special moments.


Angiee Caabezas



Our son, Connor, had been to two birthday party’s at Karate Atlanta Suwanee and had such a GREAT time that he wanted his 7th birthday party here as well. It was a huge success! The instructor (Mr. Lower) and his team totally captured the kids’ attention and really made my son feel special. The parties are very well-organized and enthusiastic, and they were even able to get some of the shy kids excited about karate. We had 23 children at the party in age range from 2 years old to 11 years old. It is perfectly tailored to any age group and everything run’s smoothly. After being at 3 party’s here, I have seen that each time the party’s run consistently and the kids always have a blast and it never gets old. 

The kids did Taekwondo moves with the instructors, ran an obstacle coarse and played dodge ball (even against the parents).  Connor got to be a black belt for a day and got to break a board and it was awesome – you haven’t seen happiness until you’ve seen a 7-year-old kick a board in half in front of all his friends. He thought he was so cool! He also got to cut his cake with a Samurai Sword, which he took home. All the kids thought that rocked!

One mother told me this was the best kids’ birthday party she’s been to. The kids are so entranced by the instructors that there is little need to worry about them not having fun. I am just amazed at how they immediately had every child’s attention and kept it throughout the entire lesson. Mr. Lower and his team make these parties so much fun whether you child has experience with Karate or not. 

Thank you Karate Atlanta, Suwanee, for making Connor’s 7th birthday the best!!

Shelley Thomson