Mr. Bell,“ Karolyn and I wanted to thank you so much for the leadership, coaching and friendship you have shown Matthew for the past three and one-half years on his quest to earn his Black Belt; it is truly evident everyday why you have been chosen Teacher of the Year at Karate Atlanta ”I wanted to share a moment with you that brought me to tears after he finished Black Belt testing by breaking both of his boards and for which you may have not witnessed. He was concerned with the other two younger men who tested that day for brown belt and failed to break their boards; they were both in tears with their parents after testing. Matthew walked up to each of them, before even coming to see us in celebration, and took the time to tell each of them that “They didn’t fail, they just didn’t break the board today;” he assured both of them that they would do it next time. Needless to say , a powerful moment for any parent who wonders how their eleven year old son is maturing!

I totally attribute this incredibly positive character at such a young age to your teachings and that of everyone at Karate Atlanta. This was one of the proudest moments of our life for Matthew to persevere in attaining his Black Belt on his third try and to then attempt to offer consolation to others in a position he has known all too well. This is why we love Karate, and especially the way you do it at Milton Karate Atlanta. Again, I salute your mastery of teaching for so many varied personalities of so many age groups. 

The  Akins – Milton, Georgia

“ It is my pleasure to give testimony of the wonderful changes we have noticed and experienced personally within our family since starting with karate classes at Roswell 2 years ago.We moved to Atlanta from South Africa 5 years ago. Our son, Oliver, seemed very shy and withdrawn as he was having a hard time adjusting to our new home in a foreign country.We decided to enroll him in karate at the Karate Atlanta Family Center in Roswell when he was 6 years old. The instructors were so receptive of each child’s individual needs and dedicated towards making them feel comfortable and at ease. They always reinforced good positive feedback, giving each child a sense of great achievement. Very soon Oliver had gained the much needed self confidence and self esteem by regular attendance to classes and belt testing.

Furthermore: His had work, commitment and concentration in karate class were rewarded and his progress acknowledged as he moved higher in ranks. I believe the value of ‘hard work = rewards’ has benefited his schoolwork as his concentration improves and he continues excelling academically. He understands that doing your best pays off with great rewards. This is a good life lesson taught in karate, paving the path of success in the future.

My husband and I are currently enrolled in the adult classes too. When we started out 2 years ago any feelings of doubt and apprehension towards adult karate classes were immediately dismissed and replaced with much gratitude for this perfect opportunity to work out together as a family, showing the importance of exercise to our children. Our participation in karate has taught them the meaning of commitment and dedication towards goals, and not giving up.

But most of all I appreciate the reinforcement of the “Yes Ma’am and Yes Sir” expressions taught at karate. This great expression showing absolute respect is now used regularly and naturally, and always appreciated by the recipient.

Thank you to our wonderful instructors at Karate Atlanta, for your tireless efforts and dedication towards a bright future for our children. ”

Raylene Erasmus (Recommended Black Belt) in adult program
Koos Erasmus (1st Degree Black Belt) in adult program
Oliver Erasmus (Brown Belt) in Junior program

Dear Sir and Ma’am
“ Jacob and Ben have benefited in so many ways due to their 2 years at Karate Atlanta. They have learned dedication, as they both want to continue to advance their skills and education in Karate. They have also learned respect and discipline. I am especially pleased to see the character education and work on self esteem in Leadership classes! Keep up the great work—you make it enjoyable for kids as well as parents. ”
Jill Kaplan
Dear Sir/Ma’am
“ I began to take class after watching my family take class. They enjoyed themselves and my doctors all told me that I needed to exercise, especially after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. When I began, I was on nightly medicine for the pain associated with fibromyalgia. Now, 2 years later, I am no longer on any medicine , and my doctor called me a “poster child” of what to do with fibromyalgia.My children have also benefited. It has taught both of my children the meaning of commitment and goal setting. Jon’s speech has improved so much that he will soon be dismissed from the speech program. Those who remember him when he began will remember that he had much difficulty in speaking to be understood, especially words with r’s. He also has much more confidence and is willing to try new things.My daughter is enjoying the exercise and the confidence that TKD has brought her. She enjoys competing in tournaments, helping others, and has learned that practice makes better and applies this to her school work.

My husband, who also takes, enjoys the health benefits of TKD. He uses TKD to stay in shape and as a stress reliever. ”

The Carpenters

I enrolled Kristy in karate in January 2002 when she was 12 years old. A friend had suggested it to help Kristy with her ADHD. From the day she began, she loved it. Karate required dedication and commitment. Kristy is now 16 years old, a sophomore in high school and a second degree black belt.Throughout the last five years, Kristy has remained focused on her goals in karate. She is an ‘A’ student and puts a good amount of time into her schoolwork. She also is an avid slow-pitch softball player and has participated on the high school Varsity team for the past two years. She has worked hard over the last several years to make time for both sports. She had one instance where there was a softball tournament and karate testing on the same day and time. It was a hard decision but she chose karate testing.Kristy is very proud of her accomplishments in karate. Although she had a bit of setback recently due to high school academics and softball, she remained firm that she would get back into a routine with karate. On her own, she has worked to get back to class and testing. This shows maturity that I believe has been achieved through the discipline taught in karate.

I firmly believe that karate has helped transform Kristy into the successful young woman she has become. Not many female teenagers would dedicate the time and effort to get to second degree black belt. I am very proud of her, and I believe she is proud of herself.
Karin Vickers

When Jonathan was 7 he really wanted to learn karate, so we started at Karate Atlanta. It seems like yesterday that he met with Mr. Poole and Mr. Poole did a demonstration of all 81 moves of a black belt routine. It was very impressive. At 9 Jonathan received his 1st degree black belt. In March 2007 he will be testing for his second degree at age 11. At home he practices karate. He has always practiced at home, but now he is building up a sweat doing it! We are so proud of him. Now he competes in intra-school and regional tournaments and does well. His forms are crisp and powerful and he is doing better in sparring. According to his sister, someone tried to hit him in school and Jonathan just did a gentle defensive move, did not fight, but had the confidence knowing he can take care of himself.Jonathan said Karate Atlanta helps in building character and discipline. Karate Atlanta is a great place. The teachers there are great. Mr. Poole has a gift of teaching, does not lose his cool, and always makes it fun. They help the kids along, give positive encouragement (even when a child makes a mistake they emphasize what they did right and in a positive way correct the student-not just once, not just Mr. Poole, but all the great teachers, every time for 4+ years) and teach leadership skills. We are thankful for Karate Atlanta.The Mann’s
My four-year-old son Ryan is taking classes at Karate Atlanta . He has already learned so much and loves coming to class. I am so impressed with the teaching staff. They are very TALENTED, ENCOURAGING and PATIENT!In addition to the Tae Kwon Do moves, Ryan has really improved his listening skills and ability to focus. The day after testing for his Orange Belt, Ryan received a prize at school for the winning the listening exercise in class. He was very proud!I am so glad we chose Karate Atlanta as one of Ryan’s first sporting activities. He will be able to use the skills he learns here in sports, school and home.


Debbie D’Aurelio

Karate had impacted my life by giving me confidence. Another way it has impacted my life is by making me treat other people with respect and courtesy. It is also good exercise and it’s very fun. ”Aaron Craft (age 10)
We have been so pleased with Karate Atlanta in Roswell. Our 7 year old son loves going to learn and has increased his ability to sit still and focus. The instructors are all great! They truly enjoy teaching the students and are patient, funny, and skilled. They really are people that you would be proud for your child to model themselves after.
Not only does Karate Atlanta teach Tae Kwon Do skills, but they also teach life lessons. Our son is learning self defense, self awareness, self discipline, and how to set and achieve goals. The belt ceremonies are always exciting and the students really feel a since of pride and accomplishment. They know that they have truly earned their new belt color and will wear it with “Black Belt Pride ” .The Martin Family
My wife and I have been thrilled with our experience at Karate Atlanta over the past year. Our sons, Alex and Ryan, have gained tremendous self-confidence, self-discipline and an increase focus in school as a result of participating in the program. We also see an improvement in courtesy and manners that has been greatly aided by the focus you team brings to these areas.
We have also appreciated the genuine passion your team has for teaching our children karate and making sure they have a positive experience while in your care. They continue to experience progress and earn new belts as a direct result of your team’s hands on coaching.
We look forward to seeing Alex and Ryan earn their Black Belts over the coming years and would highly recommend any parent sign their children up for Karate Atlanta!Randy and Sandra Hain
Matthew is loving karate! He is always excited and eager to go to his classes. In the short time that we have been involved with Karate Atlanta, Matthew has learned, and most importantly, implemented many leadership skills. His teacher’s at school have even noticed his leadership qualities. Matthew has also learned to focus better. This is still difficult at times but I can definitely see him trying. We are thrilled that an activity that teaches such great values and respect has Matthew bounding out the door each and every class day.Cheryl Becker
Karate has been a huge success for my family. From my 4 year old son to my 40 year old husband, there have been not only exercise benefits, but also benefits in positive thinking. My youngest daughter was enrolled prior to being diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. The occupational therapist (OT) recommended a karate program to help with balance and muscle strength. My daughter has progressed much faster than the OT expected. I attribute a large part of this dramatic improvement to karate and the Karate Atlanta staff who constantly support and encourage their students. The staff promotes self-improvement and not competition that often leads to loss of self-esteem in children who have physical or other challenges. This program is helping my children acquire life-long skills that will enable them to be leaders among their peers.Dr. Tammy A. Parker
My son Josh has learned manners from his Karate Atlanta experience. He almost always answers us with yes ma’am or no ma’am. He is also very good about saying thank you ma’am or thank you sir. We had been trying to instill these traits in him before he joined and the Karate Atlanta instructors were a great help with this. Because the children learn to say these things all the time in class, it just naturally carries over into their daily lives.Tracie Burr
Our son Jake had been taking Tae Kwon Do at the Roswell location for close to three years now, starting out as a Tiny Tiger. That’s a long time in the life of an 8 year old! We have wondered on occasion if he might want to try another sport but he still LOVES coming to classes at your school. His interest in the sport has actually grown over time. The classes are always a little different, with just the right balance of challenge and fun. Jake’s ability to listen to and follow instructions has improved and we have also noticed that our shy son has no problem at all in getting in front of the class to demonstrate a technique. We can see the pride he has in himself when he masters a move, does well in sparring, and upon receiving his new belt. Mr. Poole and his staff are incredible with the kids; it is really interesting to watch Mr. Poole with his unique combination of patience, kindness, humor, and incredible ability work his magic with these children.After a year of observing Jake taking classes my husband and I decided to join as well. Tae Kwon Do is unlike any sport I have done before. I have noticed an increase in my flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular ability. Some of those old aches and pains seem to have disappeared as well. All of this while having a great time in class, in fact I find myself smiling throughout most of class. I don’t ever remember doing that with other sports! The instructors incorporate fun, skill, and a terrific workout into each class.Mr. Poole and all of the staff at Roswell Karate Atlanta are great. We feel so fortunate to have found them!

Karen, Bruce and Jake Dunkley

My son Nick has been in the Tiny Tigers at Karate Atlanta for 7 months. During that time I have witnessed his confidence grow! In the beginning he did not want me to leave his side. He loves his classes and has learned so much. He speaks up in class and responds with such enthusiasm. His focus and discipline at home, I believe, are a direct result of his participation in Karate Atlanta.Judy Gilbert
Alexander Ferrard has been at Roswell Karate Atlanta since 2004. He has grown tremendously and we have been so proud of what he has accomplished at this school. He could not have done it without a dedicated, talented, nurturing staff.Since joining karate at your school, he has become more respectful, stronger, disciplined, and focused. He has a great attitude and is motivated to be his very best at home and at school.Thanks for all you have done to make Alexander a better person — and a better karate student!

Andrea Ferrard

We came to Karate Atlanta because we knew what we needed – the challenge was to find the right place to get it. In today’s world, it’s not often that you are accepted for who you are and what you think you can do – accepted because you are capable of more than you know and never made to feel incapable, unimportant or less than others. Knowing that someone is willing to help you become better, stronger and more self assured has helped us and our children become more…We thank you, Karate Atlanta and Mr. Poole and those who teach, mentor and provide role models for our children and ourselves. We hope that others can bring more to their families, their lives and those around them. ”The Garrisons’
I still remember the first day I decided to drop my daughters off at karate, one of them threw up outside because she was scared to be alone.Now when I drop them off, they wave me goodbye and look forward to enjoying the lessons. It has been a year and there has been a drastic change in them. They have become confident and their self-esteem has increased. They are more sure of themselves and are much more forward in what they do.Thanks a ton in bringing these changes in my kids lives.

Wish you all tons of success

The Dahl’s

The instructors are incredible with the kids, my son would choose to go every night if it was available!The Flynn’s
The family atmosphere coupled with the genuine desire to see every person excel sets this school apart.Charles Chumley
Karate Atlanta has been so wonderful for my daughter. Not only has she improved in strength and focus, but she has also grown in her confidence and self-discipline. Above all, we have valued the emphasis Karate Atlanta places on respect for others.The Priddy’s
We are very happy with what Eshani is learning at Karate Atlanta. Eshani always looks forward to coming to class. She is all ready to go and she also knows which days and time are her classes.She has and is benefiting a lot in her studies. Her writing skills has improved a lot in last 6 months and her teacher is very pleased with her improvement and also her math skills has gone up tremendously. She has also been listening to me and using her magic words sometimes.She did set one of her major goals as improving her writing skills and she has attained it in no time. At home she is ready to offer help when she feels like plus she tries hard to use her positive attitude. Eshani is very much set in her ways of doing things but we are trying to break that barrier so she can see things in a different prospective.

As far as leadership qualities, she is taking a step at a time to do it right and sometimes she does forget. She has definitely benefited a lot from Karate as her focus in school has improved and also she is becoming more social butterfly.

With her activities at the temple, she does very well in her classes and has taken part in dancing and plays. ”

Seema Patel.

Our son Devin, currently a sixth grader, has been taking karate lessons with Brian Poole and Karate Atlanta for the past three years. Devin started as a white belt and is now a recommended black belt with one more testing to go. This has been a wonderful experience for Devin.Devin is the youngest of four children with three older sisters who outrun and out- talk him. Devin would be happy to sit and play video games rather than do anything else except for now, karate. Devin loves to go. It is the belief of Jim and I that this is due to the compassion and motivation shown by the Karate Atlanta staff as much as the excellent karate instruction itself. Brian Poole and his staff teach the whole child. Devin is learning discipline, responsibility, and courtesy in addition to karate techniques. Brian Poole and his staff go the extra mile to motivate the child and bring out their best. We would whole heartedly recommend his classes to anyone considering karate instruction with a family atmosphere. ”Sincerely,

Jim and Kathy Tusa

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