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We Help Parents Raise Confident Leaders
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Since 1969, ATA Martial Arts has provided its members with a road map to success based on
self-defense, confidence and goal-setting skills.


8465 Holcomb Bridge Rd., Suite 540, Alpharetta, GA 30022

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Miguel Roman Karate Atlanta


Since the first class was taught many years ago, the focus of our program has remained the same: to provide students the highest quality martial arts instruction available in a safe and positive learning environment that people of all ages can enjoy.

Our instructors combine excellent student instructor ratios with state of the art training facilities. This has helped establish ATA schools and clubs as the leaders in the martial arts industry.

Each instructor is a graduate of an instructor program that represents more than thirty years of research and development. He or she will be with you every step of the way to help you reach your individual goals and maybe even reach some new goals you never before thought possible!

We Share & teach The Same Values You Teach At Home.

The ATA Martial Arts programs have a strong focus on personal development. The foundations of our morals, values and core character traits are formed in our early years. For this reason, the ATA Martial Arts program is an essential way to enhance the growth and personal development of young students of all ages. 


You may have experienced boredom with your usual fitness routine or reached a plateau in your performance or physical fitness results. ATA Martial Arts for adults is the perfect alternative to a boring gym routine, as it helps you develop into your maximum potential both physically and mentally by providing real-life self-defense strategies in a fun, focused environment. 

What Makes Karate Atlanta Different From other
Karate & Taekwondo Schools?

The country’s largest martial arts organization.

130,000 active members and over 1 million students trained since 1969.

Each instructor has passed an intensive certification process based on 40 years of tradition, research and development.

The Karate Atlanta Promise:

To Train in the
Highest Quality Martial Arts
Program Available

To Focus On
Personal Development
in a Positive Environment

To Offer Programs
Accessible & Enjoyable
by People of Any Age


Songahm Taekwondo is the style of martial arts practiced by ATA Martial Arts students. While famous for its wide range of kicks and known as the "Kicking Art", Taekwondo also emphasizes breaking power, such as splitting wood and bricks using only the bare hands and feet. Training involves a variety of techniques, to include punching, kicking, dodging, jumping, parrying and blocking. Taekwondo also focuses on sparring and learning formal patterns of movements called forms. Songahm Taekwondo is a style specifically developed over 20 years by Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee to make it accessible to anyone willing to learn and to truly reflect Taekwondo and the strength and beauty of its kicking techniques.

The journey from White Belt to Black Belt (10 belts total) is one of incremental learning and skill development that students of any age any fitness level can embark on.


Each belt in the Martial Arts is full of meaning and philosophy. As the belt colors progress from white to black, it symbolizes the knowledge and power the student has obtained and experienced.

The White belt is the beginning – showing a lack of knowledge. The Black Belt is the highest level – showing a perfection over the beginning level. However, as other arts feel that Black belt is the end, we do not. For the ATA, it is the beginning. Black belt is the time in a Martial Artist's life where he/she is able to truly begin to enjoy the beauty of the art and the amazement of their ability. To go from rank to rank, there are different time intervals and requirements. Please know, your black belt is waiting for you!


Grand Master Soon Ho Lee
Grand Master Soon Ho Lee

Grand Master Soon Ho Lee is a 9th degree black belt and second Grand Master in the ATA.

Karate Atlanta is incredibly honored to have Grand Master Soon Ho Lee with us! Grand Master has already started to share with our instructors the decades worth of knowledge that he has accumulated over the years.

Grand Master looks forward to meeting and instructing all of the Karate Atlanta students. Take the opportunity to add him as a friend on Facebook and keep up to date with his instruction. Click here to add Grand Master as a friend on Facebook!

Read more of Grand Master Soon Ho Lee’s Biography on the official ATA Website here.


One of the most fun parts of martial arts training is the ability to test your skills by competing in a tournament. Tournaments are not only fun for competitors, but they also become a great social experience for parents as well! There are currently 130,000 ATA Martial Arts members worldwide. ATA Martial Arts students compete in local tournaments against other ATA schools, advancing from State levels, to District levels, to yearly National competitions in Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL. The competition winners gather at the ATA World Expo Tournament in Little Rock, AR in the summer, competing against finalists in one of the largest martial arts competitions in the world.

ATA Timeline

  • Joshua Chapovsky

    Joshua Chapovsky

    Chief Instructor | Alpharetta

    4th Degree Black Belt

  • Master Chad Hill

    Master Chad Hill

    Chief Instructor | Brookwood

    6th Degree Black Belt

  • Master Kevin Mende

    Master Kevin Mende

    Certified Instructor | Cumming

    6th Degree Black Belt

  • chief instructor Karate Atlanta

    Maxwell Van Eck

    Chief Instructor | Dacula

    4th Degree Black Belt

  • Master Aaron Lee

    Master Aaron Lee

    Chief Instructor | Duluth

    6th Degree Black Belt

  • Josiah Hunt

    Josiah Hunt

    Chief Instructor | Dunwoody

    5th Degree Black Belt

  • Tyler Reed

    Tyler Reed

    Chief Instructor | Hamilton Mill

    3rd Degree Black Belt

  • Master Mark Burns

    Jonathan Chapovsky

    Chief Instructor | Johns Creek

    4th Degree Black Belt

  • Chief Master Greg Arcemont

    Chief Master Greg Arcemont

    Chief Instructor | Kennesaw

    8th Degree Black Belt

  • John-Michael Dietz

    John-Michael Dietz

    Chief Instructor | Marietta

    4th Degree Black Belt

  • Jimmy Bell

    Jimmy Bell

    Chief Instructor | Milton

    5th Degree Black Belt

  • Rhett Husband

    Rhett Husband

    Chief Instructor | Newnan

    5th Degree Black Belt

  • Abigail Stoms

    Abigail Stoms

    Chief Instructor | Peachtree City

    4th Degree Black Belt

  • Brian Poole

    Brian Poole

    Chief Instructor | Roswell

    6th Degree Black Belt (Master Candidate)

  • Michael Monroe

    Michael Monroe

    Chief Instructor | Suwanee

    5th Degree Black Belt